Alexey Giyazov — advocate for the interests of viewers on the What? Where? When? TV programme, Forbes columnist, CEO of the Alfa Chance charitable foundation, and Head of Marketing, Design and New Business at Alfa-Bank.

Advocate for the interests of viewers on the What? Where? When? TV programme


What? Where? When?

Since 2022, Alexey has been a participant of the What? Where? When? TV quiz show, defending the interests of its viewers. Each viewer has the chance to win 100,000 rubles ($1,400) for beating the expert participants, and the best viewer-submitted question receives a prize of 200,000 rubles ($2,800) at the end of each game. The game’s overall prize fund for 2022 was 19 million rubles ($270,000).

Alfa Chance

In 2020, Alexey headed the Alfa Chance charitable foundation. The foundation helps talented students by awarding them grants to fund their research projects. Its partners include HSE University, Novosibirsk State University, Altai State University and Far Eastern Federal University among other higher education institutions.
Igor purchased a research station to study viral infections in animals
Ekaterina invented a method for the early detection of cataracts and glaucoma
Irina purchased a powerful computer for physics research

Work at Alfa-Bank

Alexey joined Alfa-Bank in 2018. Since then, he built and managed a large team consisting of top experts in marketing, online sales, design, PR and internal communications.
He is also in charge of Alfa Research Center, a major research institute bringing together UX and CX technologies from all over the world to explore the customer experience. The institute is home to a neural network that captures emotions, ‘smart’ glasses, panoramic action cameras and even simulations of everyday environments, such as a street, an office, a home and a subway train. These tools give the researchers a greater understanding of what matters to people when they’re dealing with the bank in familiar spaces.
Alexey Giyazov was named Best Marketing Director in an industry-wide ranking published by Kommersant in 2021 He was also among the finalists in 2020, 2022 and 2023.
Alexey is known for his bold and memorable advertising campaigns, and has worked with the likes of TV presenters Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant, as well as rapper Morgenshtern. He brought a legendary journalist and former editor-in-chief of Vedomosti Tatyana Lysova into the marketing team, where she is responsible for the Alfa Investments editorial office.

What is

He has even ‘spawned’ the term ‘giyazovism’ within the marketing industry, referring to an approach which involves projects that get a lot of buzz and decisions that drive fundamental shifts in the industry.


Received a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Philosophy at Saint Petersburg State University.
Completed a master’s degree in Media Management at HSE University in Moscow. Then worked for various banks.
Joined Alfa-Bank.
Appointed head of the Alfa Chance charitable foundation.
Became an advocate for TV viewers of the What? Where? When? programme.