An interview with Alexey Giyazov
Advocate for the interests of viewers on What? Where? When?
Daniil Chernogortsev, Igra-TV TV Company
The What? Where? When? game show has been on air for almost 50 years, and was such a success when it first aired that a sports version was even launched alongside the original TV show.
The rules of the current version of What? Where? When? are as follows: a team of knowledgeable ‘experts’ must provide the correct answer to a TV viewer’s question in just one minute. There are 11 questions in total, which are chosen by rotating a spinner with an arrow. The questions should be formulated in such a way that the team members have to use their knowledge and brainstorm ideas with each other. If the expert team answers correctly, the host awards them a point for their correct response. If their answer is wrong, the TV viewers get a point. The winner is the first party to reach 6 points. Each year, there are four seasonal editions of the show, consisting of five games apiece.

The iconic symbol of the game is the most prestigious award up for grabs – the ‘Diamond Owl’.
It is awarded to the best player of the winning team – whether that’s the experts or the TV viewers – after the last game of the winter season when the end-of-year results are counted. The ‘Crystal Owl’ is awarded to the best players at the end of the spring, summer and autumn editions.
In 2001, the role of advocate for the interests of viewers was introduced to What? Where? When? The advocate can challenge the judge’s decision as to whether expert answers are correct, and chooses the best questions at the end of each game, with cash prizes awarded to the people who came up with them. The same year, a 13th segment was added to the spinner, containing questions sent online by TV viewers on the day of the game. Nobody knows the answer to these questions in advance.

Since 2022, the advocate for the interests of viewers has been Alexey Giyazov.
In a short interview, he discussed his choice of best viewer-submitted question in the second game of the 2022 What? Where? When? winter series.
— Please could you explain to our viewers why you chose this viewer question from Tatyana Medvedeva [member of the Academy of TV Viewers and recipient of the Diamond Owl, the most prestigious award in What? Where? When?] about cheaters?
– As I said at the beginning of the game today, it was a real blast. This is my second game, and it’s been just as fun as the first. I’m not sure what it is, maybe a lack of sun and vitamin D, but I feel an urge to spread joy. And money too – it’s only natural for a bank, after all. I think her question was the more interesting and professional one.
— The presenter asked you to concede on the matter of the best question in sector 13. Would you say it’s a character trait of yours not to do what people ask?
– Not at all. I just think that’s part of my role here, not agreeing with the presenter when it isn’t necessary. And it’s never necessary.

I just think that’s part of my role here, not agreeing whith the presenter when it isn’t necessary.
– The prize fund is already at 3 million rubles, and this isn’t the final qualifying round so it’s going to be even bigger. What amount do you think it could reach, or is that a secret for now?
– I think it will remain exactly the same as it is now, and the TV viewers will win all of the remaining games.
– Did people send good questions to sector 13?
– Yes, you don’t even have to ask. An amazing question was asked, and I hope people will continue to ask fantastic questions during the next game.
– Our viewers are listening, so just let them know.
– It seems as though they don’t just listen – they actually sense it in advance. I really appreciate that.
Watch full interviev here.
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